Guitar Course

Praise and Worship Guitar

Every believer should learn to play the guitar

Guitar Course

The guitar is an instrument that does not cost a huge amount of money, and it can be played anywhere. Since it is totally portable, you can take it with you wherever you go, and make music at any time.

When it comes to praising and worshipping God, the guitar is perfect, whether you want to praise the Lord all alone, or lead a group of believers in praise and worship.

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Things You Should Know About Learning to Play the Guitar

You will be learning to use the guitar as an accompanying instrument to singing, or to play along with other instruments, you need only learn the following:

  1. Chords and Strumming Techniques

    1. Chord patterns for different musical chords and keys
    2. Strumming patterns for different musical styles and rhythms
  2. Simple songs of praise and worship do not require a large number of chords

    1. You need to learn a maximum of 12 major chords
    2. Add another 12 minor chords
    3. Learn also some dominant 7th chords for effect
  3. Many chord formations can be duplicated by moving up the fretboard

    1. This means you do not need to learn a different formation for all 12 chords
    2. You can get up to speed very quickly by learning some basic chord formations
  4. There are only a few different rhythm patterns you need to learn

    1. You can learn to play these quickly with practice
    2. You can play with your fingers or with a guitar pick
    3. There are two ways of playing rhythm – strumming and picking
  5. If you play alone you will need to sing while playing

    1. To do this effectively you need to know the chords well
    2. When you can play the chords without thinking too much, you can concentrate on your singing

The Praise and Worship Guitar course is offered via both Live Classes and Distance Learning

If you live near us, you may attend one of our Live Music Classes. Otherwise you can purchase video recordings of some of our music training lessons and learn at home.

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